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21 million (R$)

Brazil Quina Lotto Results

Brazil Quina Lotto Results

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Brazil's Quina lotto is the Pick 5 lottery that plays six times per week.

Pick 5 numbers from 80 and if your numbers are the same as those in draw results, you'll win the jackpot! There are also secondary prizes, should you result in matching 4 or 3 numbers.

Thats right, you only have to match three numbers to win a prize!

Jackpots start at R$500,000 and roll over each time it is not won - thats almost every day!

Mega Sena Lotto Results

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Daily Lotto Tip

The draw numbers change constantly, if you keep changing your numbers, you're adding more change into the mix and therefor lowering your chances of the numbers coinciding.

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LottoKings, formerly CongaLotto, has stepped up a gear as an established brand in lotto messaging. Purchasing lottery tickets on your behalf and notifying you of winnings.