Mega Sena Jackpot
3.5 million (R$)

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Mega Sena Lotto

The Mega Sena Lotto has been running since 1961 and is the biggest lottery in South America. It is known for it's huge jackpots and unusual draw method. The first digit of each number is drawn from the first drum and the second digit is drawn from the second drum, this process is repeated for each number.

The Mega Sena jackpot starts at R$2 million, there is no rollover cap and the lotto has been seen rolling into the hundred millions on many occasions. The Mega Sena also sponsors the annual Mega Da Virada draw which is held on New Years Eve and attracts lotto fans worldwide. The jackpot for this is made from a percentage of Mega Sena jackpots throughout the year. There is also a special Mega Sena draw every five draws.

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How to Play Mega Sena Lotto

The Mega Sena is a 6 from 60 lotto game. In order to win the jackpot you must pick 6 numbers from a possible 60 and match them with the numbers drawn in the game.

Mega Sena is played twice per week on Wednesday and Saturday at 20:00 (local time).

Jackpots start at R$2 million, the is no cap and the jackpot rolls over until it is won.

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The Odds of Winning Mega Sena Lotto

There are three prize divisions in Mega Sena, making both the jackpot and secondary prizes huge!

6 Numbers1 in 50,063,860
5 Numbers1 in 154,518
4 Numbers1 in 2,332

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Mega Sena Lotto Results

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Patterns on the ticket may look nice to us but they generally don't win the lottery. Stick to random numbers, use a pin or use a random number generator. But don't make patterns!

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