Mega Sena Jackpot
3.5 million (R$)

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Quina Lotto

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The Quina Lotto is unusual because it draws six times per week, giving players the chance to win more often than most other lotteries.

The Quina Lotto started in 1994 and was the first lottery in South America to allow players to select their own numbers instead of being given a predetermined set of numbers when buying their ticket.

As well as the jackpot, there are secondary prizes as well. You can win a prize just by matching 3 numbers!

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How to Play Mega Sena Lotto

The Quina is a 5 from 80 standard Pick-5 lotto game. In order to win the Quina jackpot, you must match five numbers with those drawn in the game.

Quina lotto is played six times per week.

Jackpots start at R$400,000 and there is no cap on the jackpots or rollovers.

The Odds of Winning Quina Lotto

There are three prize divisions in Quina Lotto.

You can win a prize just by matching 3 numbers!

5 Numbers1 in 24,040,016
4 Numbers1 in 64,106
3 Numbers1 in 866

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Mega Sena Lotto Results

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Daily Lotto Tip

Patterns on the ticket may look nice to us but they generally don't win the lottery. Stick to random numbers, use a pin or use a random number generator. But don't make patterns!

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