Mega Sena Jackpot
93 million (R$)

Brazil Dupla Sena Lotto Results

Brazil Dupla Sena Lotto Results

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The Dupla-Sena is one of Brazil's premier lotteries and the results could make you rich!

Want to play a lotto with a difference? The Dupla Sena has two draws, so with each set of lottery numbers, you get two chances of winning - two sets of results!

Jackpots start at R$300,000 and roll over until it is won, this results in the Dupla-Sena reaching some big sums of cash! In 2010 one lucky winner claimed an R$11 million prize.

The jackpot isn't the only prize, there are 2nd, 3rd and 4th division prizes for matching 5 balls, 4 balls and even 3 balls! Result!

Mega Sena Lotto Results

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