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21 million (R$)

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Use our free Random Number Generator to pick your Mega Sena Lotto numbers. Our lottery number generator is specially set up for the Mega Sena Lotto, but can be used for almost any lottery in the world. All you have to do is press 'Lucky Dip' and your lottery numbers will be generated instantly.

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Picking Randon Lottery Numbers

Hot numbers, cold numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, lucky numbers - there are many ways to pick your lottery numbers. Of course, every number has the same chance of appearing, but bear in mind that whichever system you choose to use, so will many other people, so if you win, you would be sharing your lottery win with potentially many people.

How can you avoid this? There are two ways, either by picking random numbers yourself or by using a random number generator and therefor reducing the odds of sharing your win with someone else.

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Note: The numbers produced by our Lottery Number Generator are random and are not in any way linked to any predictive 'system' or to previous lottery results. You will need to have Java enabled in your web browser.

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Daily Lotto Tip

The draw numbers change constantly, if you keep changing your numbers, you're adding more change into the mix and therefor lowering your chances of the numbers coinciding.

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